Bespoke process

  1. All starts from a talk during which I discuss with a client his needs and expectations. We choose fabric and style. Later I take his measurements and carefully look at his posture.
  2. Basing on client’s measurements and posture I draft his unique paper pattern
  3. The fabric is cut, fronts are canvassed by hand and all pieces are put together for the first fitting.
  4. After the first fitting the garment is taken apart and all readjustments are made.
  5. On the second fitting the suit is refined and sleeve and trousers lenght can be checked.
  6. After the second fitting the garment is finished by hand inside and out.
  7. Completed suit is ready for the final fitting and pick up.

Canvas interlining

Hand-stitched canvas interlining gives a jacket it's shape and structure


Right choose of fabric i essential. I work on fabrics from renowned manufacturers such as:

Handmade buttonholes

one of the hallmarks of high quality garments


Prices depend on chosen fabric and start at (prices below include 100-120’s wools):

  • 2-piece suit - 2300 EUR
  • 3-piece suit - 2800 EUR
  • Jacket - 1800 EUR
  • Trousers - 500 EUR
  • Vest - 500 EUR
  • Dinner jacket - 2800 EUR
  • Overcoat - 2000 EUR


I work as visiting tailor. I visit clients in Three-City and Warsaw. I also travel to Odense, Denmark on regular basis.

If you'd like to make an appointment feel free to contact me by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +48 505 134 891